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Тем временем  наша героиня - кореянка, обосравшая Великую и Прекрасную Роиссю, едет по Финляндии и очень  рада этому обстоятельству (орфография сохранена):

There were a few good things to come to Finland.
1. The driver on a car is very generous and gentle. I am so moved by them.
2. People are very kind and sweet, which makes me happy. Because of seeing gloomy Russian face for two months on the road, Finnish looks happy comparing to them.
3. Many of people I’ve faced in Finland can speak English. If somebody doesn’t speak English, I can find other English speaker very easily.
По поводу езды по снегу. В Финляндии ей почему-то никто не говорит, что она дура:

Some of people following my journal treated me nuts with the reason I cycle in the winter with the snow.
Look.. In Finland it is normal to cycle with snow. Even many of them do not use a helmet or any special winter bicycle gear.

И да, она таки увидела северное сияние.

Дневник путешественницы.

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